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Get ready to be mesmerized in our Houston Museum of Illusions!

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Enter the fascinating world of illusions! Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

Enter the fascinating world of illusions! Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

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Explore our exhibits

Get a glimpse of our all-time classic exhibits and our new and unexplored illusions. Immerse yourself in our intriguing visual, sensory, and educational experience!

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From corporate events to birthday parties, we will welcome and entertain everyone who is ready for a great time. Organize an unforgettable event among the most amazing illusions.

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Plan your group visits and field trips to MOI Houston!

Experience the magic of MOI Houston! Our interactive installations can be experienced through a pre-booked guided tour or explored at your own pace, either way, be prepared to have your mind blown. Contact us for all the details and get ready to explore a world of mind-bending illusions, where learning meets wonder!

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What our visitors say

Lady Melay Avatar
Lady Melay
Pleasantly surprised! Thought it'd be somewhat interesting, but ended up being really fun! I think having a (knowledgeable and fun) guide made the experience. Nacho was an excellent guide; he either showed us how to take a great shot, or took the picture for us. Also, he was very knowledgeable on all the exhibits and how to work the puzzles. Glad we decided to try it out for ourselves; definitely worth a visit.
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Hayley F Avatar
Hayley F
Wow wow wow! I am in love with this museum! The interactive illusion activity started just few feet from the entrance. There were instructions on every activity so that visitors were able to fully understand, appreciate, and have fun in the museum. I was amazed by every display. The staff were friendly and were around the corner to guide and help to take memorable pictures. I highly recommend to visit the museum in the morning to avoid the crowd, and to purchase the timed ticket before visiting the museum. My timed ticket was 10:20am, and there was only a family of 4 in front of me. I could do all the interactive activities, and take my time with videos and pictures without feeling the pressure of a crowd waiting behind me. It took me 1.5hrs to go through every activity. The museum is located in Galleria, beside GAP. The Galleria free parking brown garage is the most ideal to access the museum.
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Annie Pham Avatar
Annie Pham
Highly recommend going during the week instead of the weekend as it was crowded when we went and had to wait some time to do certain illusions. The whole museum is def worth it and a lot of fun. You can buy tickets at the museum no problem. The whole museum took us a little over an hour to go through but it would probably go quicker during the weekday with less people. I do like they have several people throughout helping you take pictures and demonstrate what to do, they also have instructions on the walls as well.
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Our new Houston museum is here!

Take a peek at the astonishing Museum of Illusion experience in Houston! You won’t believe your eyes!


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